Mass poisoning …

Junk food and today’s crises VS your local economy and holistic solutions

Steve presents the basics of Permaculture engineering. He proposes the idea that if we want to eat well and therefore live well and age well, it is fundamental to favour local production and consumption. He explains the basics of the local economics and how we can eat better while spending less money. He also discusses the primordial need to move from simplistic and isolated solutions to holistic and global approaches and therefore the engineering of Permaculture.

During this presentation Steve talks about the crises in our fields, in our food systems, in our supermarkets and on our plates. Hediscusses highly processed foods, our microbiota and the nutritional degradation of our foodstuffs and therefore our health. He explains how the commodity market economy is distorted and favours highly processed commodities. He also talks about how supermarkets and long supply chains are fragile and endanger our health and our future.

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